Free Family Fun

The Discovery Museums in Acton, Massachusetts have been a growing part of the community for the last 30 years. There are two buildings on the property: Children's Museum and the Science Museum. Both are 100% hands on fun.

Both museums are free admission on Fridays from 4:30-8:30pm. 

The Children's Museum is located in a renovated Victorian Mansion. There are 3 levels of fun, the first level being the only handicap accessible area. There is no space for strollers in this building. Each room in the home is designed to spark a different kind of play and exploration for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. There are 3 areas specifically dedicated to infants and young toddlers: soft space within the Diner, a sensory exploration room, and a cozy seat in a cool nook at the top of a staircase perfect for breastfeeding. I think my children's favorite space is the ball room. Even my oldest (now 7 1/2) loves it. There are multiple tracks set up, floor to ceiling, with bells, chimes, windmills, and all sort of contraptions. It is a giant marble run and the room is always buzzing with excitement.

The Science Museum is on the back side of the property in an interesting new-age style building. All 3 floors are handicap and stroller accessible and user friendly. The activities here are geared for a slightly older crowd: PK - 2nd. Every exhibit in this museum is hands-on as well. There is a wood working shop with real tools, a sound lab, a color exploration room, and a giant amethyst geode (It's huge, seriously.). The room we've spent the most time in recently is the new "Dream Green" exhibit. There are thermal imaging cameras that inform you how well you have insulated your home, which you build on site.

If you go and enjoy it, then you can get a reasonably priced membership. They are part of the ACM Reciprocal Membership Program, which means you get free access to children's museums all over the country.

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