Tips for Tots

I recently read (and lost the link to) an article that loosely correlated the amount of items on your refrigerator to how chaotic your life was. This caused me to glance towards my fridge, make screwy faces, and contemplate if our family really needed enough alphabet magnets in the kitchen to translate The Illiad.

The immediate answer was, "Yeah?! My kids need something to do other than crawl between my legs while I'm piddling in the kitchen."

The more logical answer was, "My children need to learn to respect boundaries and interact in a socially acceptable manner while practicing their academic skills."

My actual answer to the problem: magnetic cookie sheets!

Using a cookie sheets allows for storage (on the front and the back side, depending on how many magnets you have), are easy to fit into kitchen cabinets (it may even fit neatly between your fridge and adjacent wall or cabinet), and are super easy clean up (the magnets are literally already on the board! all they need to do is put it where it belongs when they are done).

Additionally, it is easily transportable. If it interests your children enough, it may be useful to take on a long car ride.

How do you keep your kitchen de-cluttered?