MMMMonday: planting vegetable seeds

At the beginning of April, I planted my seedlings with my boys. It is great getting them to help 1) because they should know how to do it 2) it is important to know where your food comes from 3) it encourages them to eat the veggies once they are grown!

For just a few dollars (seed & soil - everything else was something we had anyway), we got some peppers and tomatoes started while it was still cold out. Now that it is nearly May, our plants are around 3-4" tall and  *crossingfingers-nomorefrost* that it is warmer, we will be planting them in the garden this weekend.

Here is how we got started:

First: Carefully punch holes into the bottom of each cup. This is for drainage.
Second: Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of soil into each cup.
Third: put 2 seeds into each cup. I always put 2 in case one doesn't germinate.
Fourth: Use a toothpick to push each seed into the dirt. I put a mark 1/4" on each toothpick, then my son pushed it down to the mark.
Fifth: Add additional soil to top off the cups. Put toothpicks into carton.
Sixth: Add water until the cups are soaked. Cover with clear plastic wrap. Depending on the type of seed you use, you may need to add a heat lamp or place the seeds in an area with a lot of sunlight.