Info for parents and educators: qtips on your touch screen device

This morning we started talking about snow flakes. I made some simple line puzzles to add qtips to as an introduction.

I was told right away that I made the snow flakes wrong. "They have eight sides! See?" This was proclaimed loudly as my puzzles were pushed to the side and the kids made their own designs.

When asked to explain, I was told, "because they do." So, we investigated a bit. I would love to catch snow flakes on a slide with super glue, but I settled for Google image search. If you have never looked up photos of snow flakes, I strongly suggest it. They are amazing.

I do my best to keep little fingers off the phone, but they can't help it! Luckily, they had qtips in their hands. By chance they used the qtips to show which snow flakes they liked and to count the sides. It was great, because the qtips do not register on the screen.

We rarely do activities on any type of screen, but I am going to keep qtips on hand for when we do. It will help keep the screen clean and will guarantee that I am in charge of what will happen next. That is especially important when on the Internet or in apps that offer purchases.