Thump'n Thursday: January playlist


The last few weeks around here have been so super busy and unpredictable. After a case of laryngitis, a sinus infection, 24 hour stomach bug for the kids, vacation to visit our parents, and preparing for all of the holiday festivities, I didn't have time for blogging.

I am excited about the interviews with local businesses that serve families with young children.  I'm hoping to get that rolling again this week probably by the end of next week at the latest.

The good news is that the January playlist is full and awesome. It does have a bit more of a video feeling rather than a dance music feel, because we're introducing to new things this month: one is phonics to go along with identifying letters and the other is introduction to coin names. Plus since it is freezing and icy outside I know we're going to be doing a lot more dancing and moving around while we do our indoor play.

Are big box project this month is making a puppet theater. We're going to be learning fingerplays about winter time and puppets that correspond with our author study. This month we are studying Bill Martin Jr, who wrote chicka chicka boom boom and brown bear brown bear what do you see? His books have great repetitive elements that foster autonomy in reading and enjoying books.

This month's community helper is the librarian. What is your child's favorite part of going to the library?