FCC Interview Series: Daigle's Family Daycare

  Earlier this month, I discussed some of the stereotypes and attitudes surrounding family child care. As a follow-up to Family Child Care - I'm not a babysitter. I am conducting a series of interviews with family child care providers across the state of Massachusetts.

  The purpose of these interviews is to spread the word about the professionals that work in this field. A commonly heard stereotype is that FCC's just play all day, are babysitters, or are unable to provide a proper pre-school education. While there are people who fall into that category, what I have experienced while talking to other providers is vastly different. FCC's provide stimulating age appropriate activities, structured and safe environments, and learning through play. 

  Today's interview is with Maureen, who provides care in Methuen. Thank you for your time, Maureen!

What is your name, where are you located, and does your business have a name?
Hi! I'm Maureen Daigle and I'm the Director of Daigle's Family Daycare.
I'm in Methuen, conveniently located near routes 213, 93. 97 and 495.

How long have you been in business? What is your work background?
I've been in business for 23 years. I entered Family childcare as a way to be home with our two children.

What age groups do you provide for and what are your hours?
I provide care for infants - 4 years of age. My hours are 6:30 - 3:30, Monday - Friday. All my clients are School Teachers, therefore, I work the school calendar. However, The daycare is open Tuesday - Thursday during the summer months.

What is the price range for your services and do you accept vouchers?
I do not accept vouchers. My fee is $275.00 for full time (5 days) or $60 per day. Prices are subject to change.

What type of schooling/ training have you done related to child care and education?
I have worked with children all my life. My first job was babysitting at the age of 13. I have an Associates in Early Childhood Ed.

What is the best part of your job?
There are many high-lights of my job! To pick one...It would have to be when a child is able to recite 'The Pledge Of Allegiance' by themselves. What an accomplishment...for both of us. ( Especially when these children are usually about 2 years old.) it brings tears to my eyes every time!

What types of activities does your program provide? 
I incorporate a lot of music into our learning. In doing so, it helps the children retain the concepts. I have my own curriculum which touches upon all domains.

What should people know about your program? 
I am located on a dead end street in a country-like setting. I don't take any field trips since I have a huge play yard. My husband is my Assistant for the few days I exceed six children.

What is the best way to contact you, should a family be interested in more information or setting up a tour? 
Please refer to my website: www.daiglesfamilydaycare.com. Or. (978) 682-2318