2019-20 Calendar

Program Hours & Closures

Regular program hours
School Year: September - June: Monday - Friday 730am – 430pm
Summer Program: June 29 - August 28: Monday -Thursday 830am - 430pm

Regularly Scheduled Closings:

September 2, 27, 30

October 14

November 11, 28, 29

December 23 - January 3

January 20

February 17, 18

April 17-24

May 25

June 8 (flex day, may change depending on my children's end of school year programming)

July 1-3, 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7, 14-21, 28

If no children are present by 9AM, GFC will close for the day.

Closings where payment is not required:

 Fees will be reduced in the event of an unanticipated closing not related to weather.
I will do my best to give at minimum 24 hour notice prior to an unscheduled closing. 
A reduction of $5/hour will be taken off for each hour closed if the closing is more than
1.5 hours or the daily rate will be taken off for each day closed, whichever is lesser.
Deduction will be factored into the following billing cycle.

Inclement Weather

  Garrison Family Care will default to closed because of inclement weather
if Chelmsford Public School System deems it necessary. Please follow local
new stations for up to date information.
There will be no alteration of fees related to inclement weather closings.
Openings in cases of inclement weather are made on a case-by-case basis and based on
DEEC Regulations and the health & safety of the children.