GFC Mission Statement and Principles of Care

Mission Statement
  Garrison Family Care will provide high quality
education and care in a home setting.
Play will be used to provide opportunities to
explore language, literature, math, science,
social skills, emotional awareness, motor skills,
and sensory experiences.
Each child will be encouraged to reach towards
their full potential based on individual abilities.

Principles of Care
Give children what they need when they need it;
respect their needs as people.
Let the children play;
trust that they are capable learners.
Provide a wondrous, responsive, and engaging environment;
listen, then follow the children’s lead.
Children, teachers, and parents are partners in learning;

parents are a child’s first teacher.

A Word from Department of Early Education and Care

EEC is the agency that oversees the early education and care and after
school services for families in Massachusetts.  As the agency that licenses
child care, EEC has quality standards for all licensed programs to ensure
high educational value, as well as health and safety. Having a license means
that I have demonstrated that I meet the standards outlined in the EEC regulations.

To obtain your own copy of EEC Family Child Care Regulations,
you may download them from the EEC website at:

For information about my regulatory compliance history, you may contact our
local EEC regional office, whose contact information is as follows:

10 Austin St.
Worcester, MA