Program Tuition & Fees

Program Tuition & Fees

Cost of enrollment varies dependent upon the age and enrollment of each child.
Please review your most recent Enrollment Contract to verify program fees.

Regular Tuition
2 days/week
3 days/week
4 days/week
5 days/week
Infant-Toddler, 0-23 mo
Pre-school & School Age, 24months+
Half-Day 8:30-11:30AM,
18 mo - 5 years
School age*
*Sept-June, must have younger sibling enrolled, includes half days & vacations

Payment Schedule: 
Half of first month’s payment is due with application and is non-refundable.  
There is no application or materials fee. All other tuition is due before the 1st of the month.  
Invoices are sent to your email address and can be paid directly through the provided link.
Monthly payment is calculated based on operating 238 days/year; paid and unpaid closings are factored into
the pricing. Any additional charges will be sent on a separate invoice.
Attendance outside of what is agreed to on your contract will result in additional fees.

Multiple Child Discount:
Families with more than one child enrolled full time will receive a recurring
$50 monthly discount per family. All children must reside within the same home to receive the discount.
No discount will be given to families enrolled part time or school age children.

Teacher Discount:
School teachers, staff, therapists, specialists, and administrators receive a recurring
$50 monthly discount per family.

Teacher Summer Retention:
School teachers, therapists, specialists, and administrators whose children
will not attend in summer and would like to reserve their child’s spot for the following contract year will
pay a retainer fee in June that is equivalent to one week tuition. That fee is non-refundable and will be
applied towards the first payment of the new contract year.

Additional Fees:
Drop In Rates
Additional days depend on availability and must be pre-approved.
Full Day - $70/day
Half Day - $35/day
School age after school - $15/day

Weekly Payment Service Fee is $5 per week.
All payments will be expected to be paid monthly. Should your family need to do weekly
payment, there will be a $5 service fee each occurrence. Weekly payments will be calculated
by dividing your monthly charge by the number of Mondays in that month and adding
$5 for each week. Weekly payments will be due on Monday.

Late tuition payment costs $20 per day.
Failure to pay within 3 days of due date will result in immediate termination of contract
and enrollment. Late payment fee is applied beginning the first of the month at 12am.
Late fee will continue to accrue regardless of attendance or enrollment until balance is
paid in full.

Late pick up costs $1 per minute.
Late pick up fee begins when GFC closes for the day.

Canceled, returned, failed, or stop payment fee $40 per occurrence.
Payments that are canceled, returned, failed, or stopped by the payer, bank, or credit card
company will incur a $40 fee per occurrence. After 2 occurrences, all future payments must
be made in cash.

Withdrawal & Termination

To withdrawal from the program, written notice is required 2 weeks in advance.
No refunds for tuition will be given. If no notice is given before the last day of attendance,
2 full weeks tuition will be added to the remaining balance. Parent/Guardian is responsible
for all legal fees, any lost income, or other costs I incur while attaining that balance.

GFC reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time for any reason.
Notice will be given in writing and will include an effective date of termination.  
Parent/Guardian is responsible for all legal fees, any lost income, or other costs I incur while attaining
any remaining balance following termination.