2018-19 Update

So... If GFC is a play based, child led program, then what do we do all day?

We play of course! Here are some of our activities from this past year that helped to develop skills needed for kindergarten:


Exploring color theory. Naming and mixing primary colors. 

 Exploring color theory. Making hues and shades.

Testing various paint applications: acrylic on snow.

Finding inspiration from masters: Paul Klee. 

Exploring elements of art: patterns. 

Exploring elements of art: lines.

Exploring elements of art: patterns.

Testing various paint applications: frozen food coloring on watercolor paper.

Social Emotional Development

Negotiating and taking turns. 

Appreciation for life: butterfly observation. 

Celebrating milestones: Happy Birthday!

Setting and achieving goals.

Literacy and Language

Exploring letter forms while playing. 

Creating letter shapes with play dough. 

Making lines with paint.

Mathematics and Logic

Finding and creating patterns.

Pairing like materials.

Using 3D shapes to create structures.

Putting together puzzles. 

1:1 correspondence. 

Sorting and stacking different size boxes.

Science and Engineering

Observations and recording. 

Wondering and testing. 

Building with various types of materials. 

Exploring shadows and light. 

Observation of a life cycle in real time. 

Observing and recording.

Following a recipe to make something yummy.

Wondering and testing: Do bicycles work in snow?
Reflecting on the results.

Fine Motor Development

Digging, scooping, and pouring. 

Drawing with chalk. 

Scooping, scraping, and grasping Oobleck. 

Squeezing glue bottles. 

Fingerprint pictures.

Spreading with a knife. 

Putting glue on and getting glue off.

Cutting with a knife.

Placing objects into glue.

Gross Motor Development

Building with large wooden blocks. 

Peddling a trike. 

Sweeping the floor. 

Pushing, filling, and dumping big dump trucks. 


Climbing, stomping, and rolling in snow.

We also do music and story time. It is difficult to get pictures of myself singing, dancing, and reading with the children! We hope you come play with us!

Email garrisonfamilycare@gmail.com to set up your tour for the 2019-20 school year!