Illness Policy

Sick Policy

I can care for mildly ill children in my program, however there will be times when you will need to keep your children at home. If your child is sent home due to illness, regardless of any diagnosis or lack thereof they will not be able to attend the following school day during the same week. If your child is too ill to attend to normal activity on a stay-at-home-day, please keep them home from school on the following school day. A note from a medical professional does not override this policy.

If your child is unable to play, eat, sleep, and/or toilet as they would on any other day,
then they should be kept at home.  If your child has a fever (100.5+), diarrhea, vomiting,
unknown rash, continuous or wheezing/gasping cough, thick or continuous nasal
discharge, discharge from the eyes, contagious illness (such as conjunctivitis or strep
throat), lice, or bedbugs you should keep them out of care until those symptoms have
resolved and/or been under treatment without the aid of fever reducing medication for 24 hours.

If your child will be absent, please call or text to let me know by 9am.
In order to ensure that the safest and most rewarding environment is provided for all children in the
program, drop off must be completed by 9am. There will be no alteration of fees related to child absence.

GFC encourages families to practice washing hands regularly with soap
and warm running water, catching sneezes and coughs in your elbow,
and stay up to date with immunizations to reduce the spread of illness.