Plan for Meeting Potential Emergencies

Plan for Meeting Potential Emergencies

In Case of Emergency
911 will be called in the event of an emergency.
Chelmsford Non-emergency line will be called as needed to determine if a shelter in place or
evacuation is necessary.

Emergency Contact
If children need to be picked up, then emergency contacts will be called, beginning with the parents.
Parents will be notified by phone in the event of emergency.
Contacts must be able to arrive in 20 minutes or less.

Emergency Caregiver
In the event that I am unable to care for children during an emergency, I have an emergency
contact caregiver that is able to be on site within 10 minutes.

Fire Drills
Fire drills are done at least once a month.
The meeting spot is the large flat rock next to the mailbox.
Primary exit is front door, secondary exit is back door in play room.

Community Evacuation
In the event that officials require evacuation from the property, the planned meeting spot will
be the parking lot of 313 Littleton Rd, Chelmsford.

Hold In Place
Protocol is to secure all children and myself into a locked room with access to water, phone service,
and is able to reduce our visibility from outside of the building.
Exterior doors will always stay locked during program hours.

Steps to Ensure Child Attendance and Safety
Regulations require that I keep a sign in/out sheet and emergency contact & health information
with me at all times. This list will be referenced regularly during the day, following a transition, and
immediately after an evacuation.

Missing Child Policy
In the event that a child goes missing from the program, I will use the following procedure to ensure safety:
Recheck immediate area. Check sign in/out log to make certain child is still signed in.

If inside: Ensure all other children are in a safe place, the playroom, then check other areas of the house,
beginning with the bathrooms and making sure to look out windows while in each room.

If outside: Ensure all other children are in a safe place, with in the fence, then check gates that exit the yard
and around the front of the house. If child is not found outside, move children to playroom and begin
procedure for checking inside.If child is not located within 3 minutes, I will call emergency contact caregiver
for assistance and the child’s emergency contacts.
If the child is not found within 5 minutes, I will call 911.