Meals & Snacks

Breakfast and Snacks

Lunch from home gives a child comfort and providing food at school exposes children to
various flavors, textures, and recipes.  Infants will bring food, formula, and/or breast-milk
that has been previously provided at home with no ill effects. No new food will be given to
infants while they are in my care.

Breakfast typically includes a whole or multi-grain, a protein, or a fruit.
Afternoon snack typically includes a whole or multi-grain and a fruit or vegetable.
Whole milk is provided at breakfast and lunch.

The full menu is available online at The following menu is a sample of meals served:
melon, ham
oatmeal, raisins
wheat toast, pears
Chex cereal, cranberries
bagel, oranges
veggie sticks, baby carrots
rice cake, cheese stick
corn chips, salsa
rice with butter & peas
tortilla, hummus

Lunch should include a variety of healthy choices and no candy or dessert.
Please include foods that your child enjoys and can eat independently.
Lunch ideas:

- ham & cheese on wheat bread with sliced carrots and apple sauce
- macaroni & cheese with steamed broccoli and banana
- sliced hot dog with fruit cup and yogurt
- whole wheat pasta and meat sauce with apple slices
- sliced chicken breast with blueberries and corn
- wheat bagel with boiled egg and watermelon

Water and crackers are available throughout the day, should a child need to eat or drink and it
is not a meal time. A microwave is available to heat food. There is a refrigerator available if needed,
but I ask that lunches be sent in a “cool pack” style lunch box with an ice pack.

Self Help Skills
During meals, children will be encouraged to serve and feed themselves as often as possible.
Children will have opportunity to help prepare food, use butter knives, drink from open cups,
and eat using spoons and forks. If your child requires special feeding practices, such as a g-tube
or bottle feeding after infancy, an individual health plan will need to be provided by their physician.


My home is not set up as an allergy free environment. If your child has a food allergy, please get
in touch to discuss your options. I am CPR and first aid certified through the American Heart
Association, which includes training for epinephrine pens. Special diets will be supported when an
individual health plan is provided by their physician.