Art as a Collaborative Process

We are working on several pieces for our first annual spring art show. 

A few weeks ago, I shared our 3D painting on recycled packaging inserts. Today, we started putting all of the pieces together. 

First, we talked about how we could make these structures stand up and not fall down. We figured out that it needs to be connected somehow, which led to a discussion about connectors.

What are things that can be used as connectors?

Connectors: glue, tape, string, zippers, clips, buttons
Not Connectors: scissors, paint, colors

It was decided that tape was probably our best bet, so I helped to use tape at the corners to connect BUT it didn't stick. Fortunately, we have a teacher stapler and I was able to reinforce the tape. So, staples were added to the connector list. 

Then something happened that wasn't planned. The children started adding tape! 

They learned how to use the tape dispenser, which requires a bit of skill by doing one thing with the left and another with the right hand. It was also a great opportunity for older children to help younger children.

and for younger children to imitate the older children.