This is the part of the site dedicated to Pearl Jam.

Just kidding.

Parents often ask what could be brought in to help the classroom or as a seasonal gift - and I am left standing there on the spot looking at them like I have no idea what a classroom, any classroom, might possibly need to function. So, in order to help prevent that, I am posting my wishlist.

Some of My Favorite Things

- gift cards: Java Room, Panera Bread, 5 Guys, Thai Jasmine, Amazon, nail salon

- tea and coffee, we have a Kuerig

- plants, house plants or things that could be added to the garden

Classroom Donations

These are items that I don't have, need replenishing often, or are recycled items that are typically thrown away. If you are looking for an idea or want to pitch in, then this is a good place to find ideas. Generally, most of the items are "trash," natural or from natural sources, and non-commercialized.

- tissues, Lysol spray, disinfecting wipes, baby wipes

- regular "school stuff" - dry erase markers, thick crayons, water based paints, stickers, scrapbook paper, construction paper, envelopes, chalk, school glue, glue sticks

- digital camera (disposable or reusable, prefer waterproof)

- real instruments, actual size or mini child-sized versions (in good repair, no broken or sharp parts)

- scrap wood that can be used for blocks (untreated lumber, logs, clean sticks without thorns)

- paper bags, plastic bags

- toilet paper and paper towel rolls

- spools from thread or wire

- wood toys, safe for infant-preschool

- clothe toys, safe for infant-preschool

- cool nature finds: rocks, nests, seeds, leaves, pine cones, shells, snake skin? cicada shells?

- kitchen tools - pots, pans, large wooden or metal spoons & forks, strainers, measuring spoons & cups, metal baking dishes, cups, plates, bowls

- dried out markers with matching caps

- scrap pieces of fabric, ribbon, string, yarn, any textiles including curtains, table clothes, sheets, etc

- dress up clothes of community helpers, occupations, sports (non-commercialized costumes)

- cd's (for projects, okay if they are scratched)

- corks, bottle caps (no sharp edges)

Any who, if any of this is stuff you just happen to have collected and want to contribute to our explorations & creations, please let me know! I LOVE to re-use and re-cycle items. If you have something that isn't on the list and think it is a cool find, then share that, too.