Curriculum at Garrison Family Care is designed for children ages 18 months - 5 years of age. Activities are a mix of Reggio Emilia inspired, Montessori, and play based individualized activities. The program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten.

Activities we do often

  • Public Speaking: show & tell, talent show, project presentations
  • Music Lessons: Preschool Prodigies lesson with desk bells, nursery rhymes & dancing
  • Self Expression: materials are available for students to create at any time
  • Art Lessons: study principles of art for spring art show
  • Cooking: play dough, slime, special snacks
  • ABC's & 123's: science journals, 100 chart challenges, finger plays and movement songs, drawing and writing journals, block and pattern play, daily story time
  • Logic Challenges: puzzles, board games, open ended play based challenges
  • Self Help Skills: change clothes & shoes, using knives & open cups during meals, cleaning up spills, self serve during meals, packing their own bag
  • Community: clean up together, take care of our toys and tools, celebrate success
  • Mindfulness: positive mindset practice & discussion
  • Social Skills: practice whole body listening, Zones of Regulation, problem solving
  • Outside Play: we are outside from 25-95 degrees in rain, snow, & sun

School Readiness

Kindergarten teachers are looking for children who are able to:

  • get along with others
  • follow directions in a group
  • solve problems
  • put forth their best effort

We prepare them for those activities by playing in pre-kindergarten.

The activities and programs are cumulative throughout the year.

Regular attendance is expected so that each child is able to get the full benefit from our explorations.

Daily Routine

830-850am - Drop Off

850-900am - Free Play

900am - Circle Time

920am - Snack

945-1145am - Indoor & Outdoor Play & Projects

1145am - Story Time & Music

1230pm - Lunch

100-300pm - Nap and Quiet Time

300pm - Snack

315-400pm - Free Play & Pick Up

Infant and Young Toddler Curriculum
Parent decisions of infant care vary greatly and are deeply personal. I wish to maintain care as closely to the parents personal style as possible. For those reasons, curriculum and progress reports will be developed and implemented on an individual basis for infants and young toddlers.

Daily Information

Families will be texted or emailed directly for individual updates as needed.

I encourage you to briefly share information at drop off. Knowing how a child’s evening and morning went can be useful information, particularly if the child is hungry, tired, or upset.

Weekly Information

Important information will include daily activities and curriculum information on a private online blog.

Family Participation

gfc hosts several family events outside of the normal school day.

Keep an eye out for these events:

  • October: Hiking Halloween

  • December: Collaborative Art Project

  • February: Parent Night Out PJ & Pizza Party

  • April: Fine Arts Show

  • June: End of School Year Celebration at Hart Pond, Chelmsford

  • August: Play date at Friendship Park, Chelmsford

School Readiness
Academic skills are accessed through play. Occasionally we will do a guided activity as a special project, but 99% of the time activities are process based and child led. As each child becomes more proficient with their skills, they will begin to produce more "finished" pieces. Here are some of the skills that are addressed during the year:
Alphabet: writing & identifying
Name: writing & identifying
Storytelling: sequencing, characters
Calendar: days of the week, months
Shapes: drawing & identifying
Community Helpers
Family & Friendship
Science: inquiry, explorations
Life Science
Social Skills
Art: techniques, processes
Physical Ed: games, play, yoga
Numbers: writing, identifying, counting
Storytime: individually & with a group
Reading: front to back, left to right
Time: seasons, morning, afternoon, night
Colors: naming & matching
Prepositions & Positional Words
Geography: address, maps
All About Me
Science: recording data, observations
Physical Science
Emotional Development
Music: dancing, instruments
Health: food choices, hygiene

Special Needs

I have experience working in early intervention (ages 0-36 months), preschool (ages 2-5), and school age (K-5th) special needs educational settings. Reasonable modifications and accommodations will be made for children as needed. Therapists and teachers are welcome to provide services within my program space.

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be sent home in October and April. Regularly scheduled parent conferences will be held in October and April. Additional conferences will be scheduled as needed.

updated 6/20/2023