As of June 2022, these are the current enrollment documents, contracts, and handbook. Please take time to verify that prices and policy are up to date. All student files are updated annually in August.

Enrollment Process

STEP 1: Enrollment paperwork must be given before your child begins care:

  • Enrollment Packet

  • Enrollment Contract

  • First 2 weeks of tuition

  • Documents must be updated annually. I must have all the important information and up-to-date phone numbers before drop off.

Forms available for Download

Parent Handbook - Download and read thoroughly. Signing the Enrollment Contract attests that you, the parents and/or guardians, have read, understand, and agree to this Parent Handbook for Garrison Family Care. 

Enrollment Contract - 2023-24 school year. 

Enrollment Packet - A complete and current enrollment packet must be filled out for each child

STEP 2: Medical information about your child must be given to me within two (2) weeks from the day your child begins care. 

There are three (3) pieces of medical information I will need:

  • A statement from a physician or healthcare professional that says your child received a physical exam within the past year

  • Evidence that your child has been immunized as recommended by the Department of Public Health

  • If your child is nine (9) months of age, 1, 2, or 3 years old, a statement from a physician or healthcare professional which says that your child has been screened for lead poisoning.

STEP 3: What to Send With Your Child:

- nutritious lunch

- napping items (if needed: stuffed animal, pacifier, etc.)

- appropriate outdoor gear for current season

Clothes will get dirty while they are playing.

 - at least one full change of clothes, several if your child is toilet training

- a 4x6 family photo for our family tree

What to Keep at Home - Please do NOT send these items

Please ensure all adults dropping off know what to keep at home.

- toys

- candy, treats, dessert, gum, medicine, cough drops, hand sanitizer

- chap stick, perfume, lip stick, nail polish, etc

- money, real or pretend

- electronic devices, phones, iPads, Kindles, cameras, computers/laptops

Families with Multiple Children
If siblings are attending GFC, only one contract needs to be signed. A new contract could be needed if the number of children attending or days/times changed.

updated 6/20/2023