As of June 2019, these are the current enrollment documents, contracts, and handbook. Please take time to verify that prices and policy are up to date. All student files are updated annually in August.

On or before a child's first day of attendance, the parent/guardian must read the handbook. Paperwork must be completed, including:
- payment contract
- enrollment packet, including developmental history
- current (within 12 months) physical, complete immunization, and lead test record
- photography permission form

Families with Multiple Children
If siblings are attending GFC, only one contract needs to be signed. A new contract could be needed if the number of children attending or days/times changed.

Part Time, Hourly, Drop-In Care, Special Events
All children attending GFC must have the proper paperwork on file in order to attend. This includes part time, hourly, drop in care, and special events. Paperwork valid for up to 1 year.

Forms available for Download

Enrollment Contract for the 2019-20 school year

Enrollment Packet - A complete and current enrollment packet must be filled out for each child

Photography Permission Form - I use photos from the school day & special events for my blog, on Facebook, and advertising. Photos are also shared on gfc family connection, a private friends & family group hosted by Facebook. I do my best not to use faces on photos that are available to the public.

From most recent to least:
Parent Handbook - version June 2019
Parent Handbook - version June 2018, valid until August 16, 2019