Classroom Donations

If you are looking for an idea or want to pitch in, then this is a good place to find ideas. I ask that items are new or in good repair, no broken or sharp parts, and safe for children to use independently.

Amazon Wishlist

- digital camera: disposable or reusable, prefer waterproof

- cool nature finds: rocks, nests, seeds, leaves, pine cones, shells, snake skin, cicada shells,

- kitchen tools: pots, pans, large wooden or metal spoons & forks, strainers, measuring spoons & cups, metal baking dishes, cups, plates, bowls 

- dress up clothes of community helpers: occupations, sports, non-commercialized costumes, actual work uniforms/shirts/vests/hats

- items that can be used for sensory play: pvc pipes & connectors, plastic gutters, funnels, shovels, scoops, pipettes, turkey basters, sift, tongs, game parts & pieces

If any of this is stuff you just happen to have collected and want to contribute to our explorations & creations, please let me know! I LOVE to re-use and re-cycle items. If you have something that isn't on the list and think it is a cool find, then share that, too.

Some of My Favorite Things

- gift cards: Java Room Chelmsford, Karma Westford, Kohls, Target

- plants, house plants or things that could be added to the garden

- donations dedicated to gfc: 

updated 6/16/2023