Special Announcement: Schedule Change

Hi All.
I am going to change the daily routine just a bit, based on my observations of the children. The new schedule will begin next week, Monday March 2, 2015.
I will slowly be shifting the schedule to look something like this:
730-830 Drop Off/Free Play
830-900 Breakfast/Snack*
900-1000 Circle Time, Stories & Projects
1000-1100 Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
1100-1130 Lunch
1130-200 Brush Teeth, Quiet Time for Rest or Play
200-230 Fine Motor Focus
230-300 Snack
300-400 Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
400-430 Music & Movement
430-515 Free Play
515-530 Snack & Stories
*This means that you will not have to send breakfast in the morning. You are always welcome to send food, particularly if your child enjoys specific items. I will be adjusting the snack schedule to reflect more appropriate breakfast items, including a grain, fruit, and a protein.
The late afternoon snack will be crackers or items remaining in your child's lunch box.
I will continue to serve whole milk with lunch and afternoon snacks will stay similarly structured (most often a grain and vegetable, occasionally dairy or protein).
As always, water is available throughout the day and should a child express need for food outside of a scheduled meal time, they will be taken care of. Everyone's body is just a little different, especially when you have a little tummy.
This decision was made based on the children's wants & needs, as many get here early and have breakfast. Doing breakfast so close to snack wasn't working well and I could not find a good time to fit in another snack between breakfast and lunch. Additionally, I'm happy to provide a service that helps you get out the door easier in the morning. smile emoticon If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know before next week.