Info for Parents & Educators

The Department of Early Education and Care in Mass. does a great job sharing information through their website. I got this email recently that cites two sources regarding the importance of vehicle safety and children, particularly mistakenly not leaving a child in a vehicle. 

"A total of 15 children have already died in 2012 from heat stroke after being left in unattended vehicles. In 2011 a total of 33 similar deaths were confirmed.

In an effort to increase public awareness about the safe transportation of children, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids USA have joined together to implement the “Look Before You Lock” campaign.

The “Look Before You Lock” campaign promotes the importance of double-checking cars, vans, and buses for children who might have been left behind.  The campaign includes safety tips for parents, families, child care providers and other caretakers of children.  To access these materials, visit:

The Department of Early Education and Care has also developed a training presentation on ensuring the safe transport of children.  This training is intended to increase awareness in all adults, including parents and caregivers, about the risks of hyperthermia in vehicles and best practices to prevent this from occurring.  The presentation is available online at: "

Please help spread the word and raise awareness by sharing this message with Head Start and child care providers and early childhood organizations and networks in your community."