CPR/First Aid - Info for Parents and Educators

Many people who care for children, whether your own or someone else's, choose to take first responder courses to improve safety. Personally, I have taken courses since high school, including: CPR, First Aid, AED, Lifeguard, and Instructor courses.

Recently, I had to renew my CPR and First Aid. I went through the American Heart Association's online training. Compared to an in person class by the AHA or Red Cross, it was concise, comprehensive, and easily accessible. The class I took was called "Heartsavers." It includes CPR for adults, children, and infants, AED use, and basic first aid.

I had to pay a fee (around $30) to gain access to the class, which yielded a printable certificate at the end. The "class" was several click through pages that advanced following videos and mini-quizzes. The good news is that the videos have increased dramatically in quality over the last few years. They are demonstrative and lack the "acting" that previous videos had. The content is organized and gets directly to the point, yet still offers little facts and good-to-know type blurbs.

To get the actual certification card, I registered online through their provider list to take an in-person test. There were multiple providers in the area (near Boston) and various times available. I took my test 2 days after doing the online course. The downside of that was that private providers also want to get paid. It cost an additional $55 just to take the test, which only lasted about 20 minutes. So, that was a bummer, but still easier and relatively similar in cost to a full in-person class compared to the last time I did one.

Overall, if you need or want a CPR/First Aid class, I highly recommend AHA's new online program.

Other classes available: Life Support, Stroke Training, Bloodborne pathogens