Free Family Fun: Plant Catching

Although fruitful in the end, gardening can be an expensive hobby to start up. I love gardening with my children, because it shows them where food comes from, teaches the importance of hard work, and encourages them to try new things. Luckily, there is a new free service to share materials for farming food.

  Plant Catching is a new online service, based in Canada. After creating a free account, you can post things you have to share, whether it be a plant, seeds, or soil, and are able to view what is available in your area. I think it is great, because you always have a few extra of something or that plant that needs to be thinned out, but you don't want to toss the viable growth.

I made my first post today. The service was awesome - I had done it incorrectly (of course? right?) and the owner emailed me personally to question it. More information about how it works is available here.

I am hoping that this takes off in my area. Being able to share edible plants & supplies with local growers not only makes my  garden better, it offers a lesson for my children. Sharing with others in your community teaches so much.