Free Family Fun: Touch A Truck

My kids LOVE these! Touch A Truck events are a great opportunity to discuss community helpers, explore big machines and vehicles, address fears, and - let's face it - it's fun!

These events are normally held in corporate parking lots (think: it needs to be sturdy enough to support all those BIG trucks & have reasonable parking for families) and run by a municipal office. This particular event is hosted by the Brockton Police at Westgate Mall in Brockton. 

We have gone to a few on the North Shore. Some things we have seen are: police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulance, snow plows, street sweepers, excavators, dump trucks, cherry pickers, lifts, bull dozers, semi-trucks, moving vans, tow trucks, straight bed trucks, steam rollers - I can't even remember all the different types! 

Have you ever been to Touch A Truck?