Activity: I can make that sound! Speech game

Oh, pintrest. My new best friend. 

After years of resisting, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon that is pintrest. It has been extremely useful (and time consuming. . .) In helping me to create curriculum. 

Young children are still developing their articulation skills and many of the students I care for, including my own children, need extra help with it. Since I run a play based center, I do not do trials or drills to practice skills. It is important to target specific needs within play, so I made this game. 
This fantastic visual from Speech Chick ( makes the game board. I added shapes and numbers to the grid. 
Then I made dice that coordinate. One die has numbers and the other has shapes. 

To play the game, a player rolls the dice then finds the coordinating block on the grid. If they roll a star, then they can choose any sound from the star column or the number column that was rolled.

The player then practices making the noise in the block they chose. 

For now, we are just practicing taking turns. If your children need a bit more encouragement to participate you could use tokens for them to earn when they are able to do the sounds. 

The board could be modified to target specific sounds or to reduce the number of sounds, depending on your child's needs. 

A bonus to this activity is that the grid has visuals for each type of sound. When helping a child to use a targeted sound in a word, you can remind them of the visual.

For example, one of my children is working on the hard c sound. The visual for this is the "coughing sound." This reminds the child to make the /k/ come from their throat. This is helpful for my son because he substitutes /t/ for the /k/ sound, which comes from behind your front teeth. 

What is a fun way you practice making different sounds?