Product review: Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson is a young entrepreneur from Rhode Island who has developed a line of products free of toxic chemicals.

I recently was able to attend a product party and I was impressed. You see, Ava Anderson isn't even 21 years old. Beginning at age 14, she discovered the issue with chemicals in our personal care products and she began to research safe alternatives but could not find any that met her specifications.  She also found out that chemicals that are banned in other countries are somehow allowed in the US. All of this knowledge went to creating products for health, beauty, and home that are organic, vegan, gluten free, free of animal testing  and free from harmful chemicals.

Nicole Hartery, the consultant who led the ava hour, was extremely knowledgeable on both the products and the chemicals that are not used (and why they aren't used). She answered questions, shared personal experiences, and was very real about how the products are beneficial. Personally, I am interested in this type of product because I strive to make healthier choices for myself, my family, and the earth. Others can benefit from the mild scents, lack of dye, and absence of chemicals that can cause unwanted side effects or even allergic reactions.

I wanted to bring home a little of everything, but restrained myself to make just 2 purchases this time around.

I had been looking at recipes for "make your own" deodorant, but hadn't really dedicated myself to the project. I wanted something aluminum free (here is why), that didn't leave big deodorant balls/steaks in my pits, and smelled pleasant but not overly so. By chance a friend invited me to see the Ava Anderson products and one of them was just what i was looking for.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and so far I like it. I do usually reapply once during the day, but I can't tell if that is because I need to or that I am worried about needing to. It fall here, so temperatures have been ranging from 30-70 degrees (Hurray New England! Sometimes that is all in one day).

It can be somewhat difficult to rub on since it isn't filled with slippery fillers, but a friend suggested using a small amount of coconut oil prior to application. You can also try the toner or diaper cream for a safer solution that is moisturizing. I found that spraying a small amount of rubbing alcohol before applying helps it to slide on, as well. I had a small amount of a Victoria Secret body spray left, so I filled that remainder with rubbing alcohol. The spray is fine enough that it dries almost before I get the deodorant on. I have read that the alcohol helps to kill the bacteria that causes sweat to smell bad. 

Shaving cream for men
I think this is creamy and fantastic, but my husband hasn't tried it yet. I will do another review when I have more information. 

Check it out for yourself:

I recommend getting in touch with Nicole if you are interested in hosting a product party or would like to purchase a product.