Thump'n Thursday: Sweet Beets

Noise noise glorious noise! November has been filled with noise around here, but not just any noise: music!  Using a combination of homemade and purchased instruments, we have played alongside music, had free jam sessions, and did a few mini lessons on how to make music.

One of the lessons we have been doing is  Nature Jam's Preschool Prodigies Pilot - Sweet Beets. I was unsure of how the kids would respond to a "lesson" but they got right into it.  Mr. Rob, the instructor, keeps things light and age appropriate. He balances instruction with fun, which is perfect for preschool.

Beet, cherry, avocado, and shhh are symbols used to visualize and hear the different types of beats. My kids have been doing a mix of saying the beat and clapping the beat. There are a few episodes available on you tube. Also, there is more information and free printable on the website: Nature Jams.

We have only done the first two videos so far, but the kiddos are asking for more. Something this engaging is going to have to be part of our music & movement for the entire year. It is great that it is simple enough to replicate when not near a screen. As we get better at making sweet beets, I can add onto the song and do different combinations to keep things interesting.