2017-18 Update

Hi everyone!!

I don't know about you, but for me this year has been INTENSE.

Baby #3 joined our family last spring.

Our local SEPAC  became re-established over the past year and as of January I became the chair of that organization. Which, if you didn't know, is basically like taking on a second full time job, but it is all volunteer work.

I have continued serving on my local Family Child Care Association's board as Vice President - whose duty is to schedule and host all of the workshops for the year.

There is a new division of GFC called FCC Coaching. It is new, it is SO FUN and rewarding, but it is also a ton of work.

So, while all of that was going on, I was also running a Reggio Emilia Inspired child care program for children ages 1-4. Here are some photo highlights of our studies, adventures, and fun!!

Finding ants in September

Feathers as loose parts in September

Making sensory bottles with items found outside in September

Exploring gourds in October

Sending balls through a tube in October

Sending balls through a tube round #2 in October

Exploring gourds round #2 in October

Mud Kitchen in October

Exploring lines using whipped cream in October

Mixing colors in November

Usborne Book Fair in November

Making instruments in November

Exploring color theory in November

Building with big outside blocks in December

Loose parts tic-tac-toe in December

Taking risks in December

Making patterns with loose parts in December

Exploring texture in January

Exploring line making in January

Sorting & classifying in February

Getting outside for real world sensory experiences in February

Making gourmet mud pies in February

Sometimes the sensory experience is better if you actually get into the sensory table?

Painting on ice in March

Exploring ice in March

Doing some hard work in the snow in March

Testing out how rocks "roll" in the big tub in April

Painting in April

Cooking with loose parts in April

Painting on outside easels in April

I wish I could capture the hugs, giggles, and love that happens here each day in a photograph. <3