Children's Records

Children’s Records

  • EEC regulations require me to maintain an individual written record for every child.
  • All child information must be updated upon enrollment and annually.
  • All child enrollment packets will be updated in August of each year
  • Child immunization and health records must be updated upon enrollment and annually.
  • All child immunizations and health records must be current, within 12 months.

As a parent, you the rights to access, receive a copy of, and request changes/deletions to the record
that I maintain for your child. One copy is allotted each year free of charge, if requested.
Additional copies are $20 each.

Immunizations & Lead Testing
GFC accepts children that are vaccinated in accordance with the Department of Public
Health’s immunization schedule or on an altered timeline. An altered timeline must includes all
vaccinations required to enroll in kindergarten and be completed in full by age 5. Exceptions will
only be accepted in cases of medical necessity. Your child’s lead screening report must be updated
at ages 9 months, 24 months, and 36 months, as required by Department of Early Childhood Education.

School Age Children
If your child is school age (5 or more years old), I can accept a written statement that the required
information is on file with the child’s school.

DEEC Privacy Policy
EEC regulations required that I make children’s records available to EEC at any time that EEC may
request these records, such as during a licensing/monitoring visit, a complaint investigation, or a
financial review of my program. Failure to provide these records to EEC could result in EEC citing
me for regulatory non-compliance or taking legal action against my license. When EEC staff members
review children’s records in order to ensure that I am in compliance with EEC regulation, at times that
may copy and keep the information found in these records in order to review my compliance with all
EEC regulations and policies applicable to my program. This information will be kept in my EEC
Licensing file or in EEC’s financial monitoring file if the information involves issues related to subsidized
care. EEC is required by law to keep confidential any personally identifiable information found in
children’s records collected and maintained by EEC staff members. EEC has a Privacy Policy which
discusses how EEC keeps such information confidential. That policy can be found by going to the EEC