Family Involvement & Open Door Policy

Communication and Staying Involved

Daily Information
Each day I will post “Today We...”  information on the board located near the children’s cubby area. Important information will include daily activities and curriculum information.

I encourage you to share information at drop off, as well. Knowing how a child’s evening and morning went can be useful information, particularly if the child is hungry, tired, or upset.

Family Participation
A private closed group is available on Facebook, titled “gfc family connection”. I strongly encourage each family to join the group. Notices about special activities, closings, and curriculum are posted. Additionally, photos of the children and their activities are available.
Special events throughout the year may include: Saturday parent’s night out, homework activities, show-n-tell, drop-in storytime, end of year picnic.

Keep an eye out for these events in 2019-20

  • October: Parent Volunteer Day at The Wish Project, Lowell
  • December: Our Family Tree Collaborative Art Project
  • February: Parent Night Out PJ & Pizza Party
  • April: Fine Arts Show
  • June: End of School Year Celebration at Hart Pond, Chelmsford
  • August: Play date at Friendship Park, Chelmsford

Open Door & Breastfeeding Policy

Parents are welcome to visit and observe their child anytime during childcare hours.
Nursing is fully supported, so mothers may nurse during their lunch break if needed.
Mothers are welcome to stay with the group or a private area can be made available.

If you stop in during the day to visit a non-infant child, you must be prepared to take
your child with you when you leave. It can be emotionally traumatic for your child to
say goodbye to you twice in the same day. Any child that leaves early, may not return
to child care later that day.

If your child has a scheduled appointment between the hours of 12pm and 3pm, it is required that you pick your child up before 12 pm (our scheduled rest time). This will ensure that all children receive the rest they require without being disturbed. If it is necessary to pick up your child during rest time due to an emergency or other conflict please call/text my cell phone in advance so I can have your child ready for you without disturbing the other children.

Parent Notifications

I am required by EEC regulations to notify you of certain information about my family child care home.
These notification include, but are not limited to:
- an injury to your child
- allegations of abuse or neglect regarding your child
- if another educator will be caring for your child
- the administering of first aid to your child
- whenever a communicable disease has been identified in the program
- children being taken off the child care premises
- the existence of firearms in my home
- if there are any changes in my household composition
- prior to any pets being introduced into the program
- whenever special problems or significant developments arise

GFC will not be responsible for any accident or injury involving your child that may occur in the
course of normal play. Parents or legal guardians agree that any medical insurance and/or
medical bills for their child will be the sole responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Mandated Reporter

As a licensed Educator in Massachusetts, I must operate my program in a way that protects
children from abuse and neglect. As such, I am a mandated reporter (under M. G. L. c.119 s51A)
and must make a report to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) whenever I have
reasonable cause to believe a child in the program is suffering from a serious physical or
emotional injury resulting from abuse inflicted upon the child or from neglect, no matter
where abuse and neglect may have occurred or by whom it was inflicted.