Preparing for our new normal

I am working to make changes and prepare play spaces for when gfc is able to reopen.

Some of the things that parents and children can expect:

  • I will most likely be wearing a mask for most/all of the day. Sometimes I may also be wearing gloves and goggles/visor to protect my eyes.
  • different drop of and pick up procedures, which will likely include an assigned time your family
  • different storage of children's belongings, restriction on what can be brought in/out of gfc
  • children will need to bring clean, labeled masks from home daily
  • new classroom and play space arrangements that allow for social distancing and ease of cleaning
  • reduction of materials available at a single given time to allow for more frequent cleaning
  • high frequency use items will be individualized, ie: each child will have a craft box with their own crayons, scissors, etc.
  • we won't be using communal water, sand, and sensory tables and activities that bring children in close proximity with each other using shared materials
  • possibly shorter hours to adjust for additional cleaning required at beginning and end of each day
  • children will work on learning to put toys away so that they can be cleaned prior to taking turns with a peer; we will diligently work on asking if it their turn with a toy before picking it up

Fortunately, many things will stay the same!

  • we will have circle time, story time, and lots of outdoor play time!our play spaces, indoors and out, were already large than the minimum requirements for square footage!
  • social/emotional skills and healthy, caring relationships will be the #1 item in our curriculum!
  • singing, dancing, art, and stories will be a part of every day! we will celebrate who we are and our time together!

    For more information on the steps and regulations that gfc will be working on over the next several weeks, you can check out information provided by DEEC:
    Additional information for family child care is listed here: