Reopening: big changes are in their way!

Take a sneak peak at gfc's play space! Lots of reorganizing and cleaning up is taking place to make it even safer and more fun than before! We even have a new furry friend to introduce to everyone. 🐶

gfc's playspace is filled with colorful, child friendly artwork.

Space is available for each child to be a part of the space - through their art, writing, and play!

Music is an integral part of gfc programming. Instruments are available throughout the day. We sing and dance every chance we get. It's a great way to get to know our bodies, practice math and reading concepts, and learn new vocabulary.

Toys are rotated out every few weeks based on each child's abilities and interests. The majority of the day is devoted to free play, so that each child is able to build their individual skills.

We have added a Brittany Spaniel to our family! 
While the plan is to keep her out of the play space, there may be times where she is around the children.