Science & Math are Everywhere

S, age 4, pointing excitedly toward the sky, "Guys! I can see the moon!"

"The moon is out in the day time? How did that happen?" Ali

" I see it!" T, age 2

"Moon. Moon. Moon! I see that." H, age 2

"Maybe it's almost time for bed." S

"We just had breakfast. Do you normally go to bed after breakfast?" Ali

"No." S, stops to think.  "I know what happened. Because it is still really late in the day."

Will we answer this question today? Probably not and that's ok. What we did do was allow time and space for a child ti make an observation about their environment, share with their peers, and raise a few hypothesis. The discussion opened up dialog about how time passes, how we spend our time, and sequential events. 

I wonder if our little scientists will see the moon in the daytime tomorrow?